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The Zen ClipperI have three cats of my own and I have tried many if not every style of nail trimming device and of these products I couldn’t find one that made it an easy, painless task. For years people have toiled with the problem of clipping their cat’s claws. Face it, cats don’t like it. It’s uncomfortable for the pet and the owner,  not to mention it can be painful for both. Clipping the claws of a squirming cat can be quite difficult and often ends up making the cat bleed by accidentally clipping the quick. Nothing is worse than a mad, injured and bleeding cat running around your house. 

The “Zen Clipper” is a specially designed claw trimmer that is completely safe for the cat and the operator. It has no exposed sharp edges to accidentally harm the animal or owner and can literally be used by anyone from a child (Adult supervision recommended) to an elderly person with limited eyesight or dexterity. 

The worldwide patent-pending, specially-designed clipping mechanism is a safer way to trim the claws of a cat,  which are unique in the animal kingdom. Unlike most animals, as a cat claw grows, it sheds the sheath, kind of like peeling an onion to reveal a new, sharp claw every few weeks. The claws of a cat do not get much larger with age and only become sharp as the old layer is peeled away exposing a fresh, sharp new claw. 

Other designs - which we've all tried - either put uneven pressure on the claw by twisting it as it cuts or uncomfortable vibration as it grinds the tip. The standard nail clipper, the small hook style, acts like scissors which can allow the nail to be cut too close if the animal struggles or the user misses the mark.  In addition, the user can harm themselves during the process.

 If you try other brands notice how much more force is needed to cut the same amount of claw. Also notice the torsion or twist placed on the claw. You will notice the Zen Clipper shear, due to the conical design, starts clipping the circumference of the claw as soon as any pressure is exerted while other designs cut from two sides, causing the claw to twist. This twist is due to the two clipping blades pushing away from each other as they press against the opposite sides of the claw.

The shearing mechanism of the Zen Clipper locates, gauges, holds and shears the claw in a simple, foolproof manner. The first few times you will need to make sure that the Zen Clipper does miss the quick.  Once you have done this you can now use the Zen Clipper time and time again assured that you will “Clip the Tip and Not the Quick” every time.

The design ensures that the same amount of claw is removed every time and the quick can’t be harmed even if the animal was to jump or move while it is being trimmed. The best part is that once the claw is trimmed, it cannot be over clipped. You only need to re-clip them every few weeks to maintain a safe healthy length for your pet. 

Michael B.

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